The Best Equine Caretaker- Gatsby & Lily

If you can’t tell here, I am on a roll with my Iowa sessions.  This session was a special one one because it was for one of my childhood horse friends.  Thanks to social media we have been able to stay in touch for many years. I of course reached out when I found out… Read More

Adam, Bailey & Life with Brynn

Since I recently posted about my Iowa trip, I thought I would follow up with the session I was able to do for my cousins- Adam & Bailey! When I was planning my trip I knew Bailey was due with their little girl right around the time I would be in town. Thankfully Brynn made… Read More

McCauley & Gibbs- Just a Girl and her Horse

Back in 2014 I did a series on women and their relationships with horses.  McCauley was one of my subjects and shared a beautiful story of how horses played such an important role in her life.  Since then we all (her mother included) have stayed in touch.  Her mom is a wedding planner so a… Read More

A Backyard Session with The Wilson Family

It is funny how slowly time passes at times and then in retrospect how quickly it flies by!  I’ve been photographing the Wilson Family for 8 years now.  Mama Katie and I actually go all the way back to our college days, which was (cough, cough) over 10 years ago. In thinking about all of… Read More