McCauley & Gibbs- Just a Girl and her Horse

Back in 2014 I did a series on women and their relationships with horses.  McCauley was one of my subjects and shared a beautiful story of how horses played such an important role in her life.  Since then we all (her mother included) have stayed in touch.  Her mom is a wedding planner so a big bonus was when I got to work with her recently after she referred a client to me!  We talked then about McCauley and how she was going to call me when the time came for her senior portraits!  Just like she promised, she contacted me and we got her equine session on the books.

I loved working with McCauley back in 2014 and I loved every second I was able to spend with her, her mother, and Gibbs (yes, that cutie was named after the NCIS character).  She has definitely grown and blossomed into a beautiful, kind and intelligent young woman and her love for horses has still remained the same.  It really meant a lot to me that they entrusted me to come back and take these photos for them.  McCauely has since headed off to NC State- where she joined their equestrian team!  I know big things are ahead in her future!

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