Khrystynna & Dolly’s Bridal Portrait Session at Carlee Farms

I was so lucky that one of my previous equine client’s referred Khrystynna to me.  As soon as she emailed and told me she was getting married and planning on including her 4 legged girl in her wedding photos, I knew she was going to be one awesome client 🙂  She and her fiance had already done some engagement photos, so in lieu of those we did some equine bridal portraits for her.  She wanted her portraits to take place at her wedding venue– Carlee Farm in Oxford, NC.

We had a beautiful, and in good ol’ NC fashion, hot day for her bridal portraits.  There was just one minor hiccup we had to deal with.  After Khrstynna put on her wedding dress, she went to adjust the dress some and the strap just broke off.  We all about lost it, but thanks to the emergency kits us horse girls keep in our trailers, we found a safety pin for her and had her dressed fixed back up in no time.  You couldn’t even tell in the photos that there was anything wrong with her dress!

Her and Dolly made some beautiful portraits together and I am so happy to be able to share these.  I was amazed by Dolly during the entire session.  She was SO relaxed and easy to work with considering being in a new location.  She obviously felt comfortable taking pretty photos with her mama 🙂  I also have to give a special thanks to our behind the scenes team that consisted of Khrystynna’s wonderful mother and two of her barn friends who helped with ears and trailering Dolly!  It truly takes a village when working with horses!

One thought on “Khrystynna & Dolly’s Bridal Portrait Session at Carlee Farms

  • Wow! Absolutely stunning pictures! It was so hot and humid on this day that I was truly worried about how the pictures would turn out! Wow! They turned out better than I could have ever dream of! Thank you so much for all of your hard work! These pictures have a special place in our hearts!! With Love, Shannon (MOB)

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