Kellianne & Her Equine Crew

I am pretty sure senior sessions with girls and their horses are my absolute favorite.  There is something about these sessions that brings me right back to my high school days- totally and completely immersed in all things horses!  I secretly love that these girls make me feel young again.. along with the fact their excitement is very contagious!

Kellianne contacted me directly about setting her session up.  She was so professional, extremely intelligent sounding and really excited!  We talked through all of the logistics and then she did a lot of planning on her end.  She had her hair and makeup done and even did a ton of searching to find gorgeous locations for us to use.

We started out with a few portraits of just her because those are really important images to capture during these type of sessions as well (and you know the ones grandma & grandpa really want to see!)  We then headed to the barn where her ponies were boarded for some black background images and then trailered her crew to our next location.  I was shocked how seamlessly everything fell into place.  Her horses were absolute rockstars getting on & off the trailer along with behaving beautifully in a brand new location!  We also had a great team of helpers- Kellianne’s mom and a horse friend of hers to help with the logistics of working with 3 horses.  We definitely couldn’t have done it without their help!

I also have to add that Kellianne and Goose (her pretty paint horse) truly share an incredible bond.  You can tell they just get one another and it felt like they had the same kind sense of humor.  He made her laugh a lot and I loved capturing those sweet moments.

Kellianne has since headed off to college, but I had to share her images because they were just too beautiful not to do so!  Thanks to social media I’ve been able to follow along on her college journey and life events.  And like I guessed when she first contacted me, this young woman is going places!!

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