Josie’s Urban & Country Senior Portraits

If you’ve read my “About Me” portion of my website then you will know that I try and travel “home” to Illinois to visit my family each year.  This year, I went home not only to share Maddy (my newest little one) with my extended family, but also to take senior portraits for my cousin’s daughter Josie.  I’ve always been really close with my cousins and their kids, so it was a real privilege that I was asked to take these photos.

Josie is just one of those all around girls.  She loves to play sports but also is actively involved with singers (mixture of singing & dancing).  She won homecoming queen this year, so I’d say most people see what we all see in her- a sweet, kind, beautiful and all around good person.  Her mom and I joked during her session that Josie and I shared a lot of similar qualities as teenagers.  It’s fun knowing I have a little mini me 😉

Not being too familiar with photo locations in that area, my cousin found some great urban spots for us to use.  I did insist that we take some images out on their family farm because it is just too pretty and too important of a piece of property not to use.  I am really glad we were able to do a mixture of both locations.  We had a blast the entire time and I am so happy with the outcome of these photos!  I know the future has a lot in store for Josie and I can’t wait to see all that it has in store for her!  Love ya cousin <3

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