Horses, Dogs, & New Mexico- A Photographer’s Dream

“Because of you, I laugh a little harder, cry a little less, and smile a lot more.” ~Author Unknown

I wish I had an adequate way to explain just how amazing my trip to New Mexico was.  To start from the beginning, I received a phone call from one of my favorite equine clients just as my maternity leave was wrapping up last year.  I wasn’t able to answer my phone at the time, but my clients (Jennifer & Sammy) left me a voicemail that basically said, would you be interested in going to New Mexico to take photos?  I of course called them back as soon as I had time to learn more!  They had a friend of theirs that they wanted to give a special gift to and they thought that I would be the perfect person to help.  After learning about all of the details and finding out that I would also be going to the All American Futurity with them (basically the Kentucky Derby but for Quarter Horses), I was so excited.

So, now that I have filled you in on the details of how the trip came about, I can fill you in about Sherry and her amazing farm in New Mexico.  Sherry lives in Alto, New Mexico.  She has a beautiful farm that she shares with 5 miniature horses, 3 horses, and 4 dogs.  Unfortatnely since I was in New Mexcio, Sherry lost her most cherished horse, Rebel in a pasture accident.  She has since taken in Rebel’s mother- Ashley who is 25 years old and Tinnie-a half brother to Rebel.  Not that these two horses weren’t already being cared for properly, but Sherry wanted a hand in taking care of Rebel’s mom and I think it brings her comfort in knowing they are both linked to Rebel.  I believe this act (which is one of many) shows you the true dedication and care Sherry gives to her animals.  You don’t always find people like Sherry and I find it incredibly gratifying to have met such a wonderful person.  We had so much fun taking these photos together and I loved learning about each animal’s personality and hearing the stories that came along with each one.

One little caveat that I didn’t mention in the first paragraph, was that Jennifer and Sammy were kind enough to allow me to bring my 3 month old son and my mom (aka the babysitter) along with me.  Jennifer actually came on the trip with us and was so incredibly kind and understanding about working with a baby’s schedule!  I bring up this fact now as one of the moments during the trip where it really felt like it was meant to be was when Sherry asked me what Wesley’s middle name was.  I explained to her that Wesley was actually his middle name and that his first name was Robert.  She looked at me with the most shocked look on her face.. her father, who she was extremely close with and misses dearly, was named Robert Wesley.  We all just couldn’t believe it, but it made each of us happy to know that this trip was most certainly meant to be!  Sherry was very sweet to include Wesley in the trip and he experienced his first ride on her miniature horse name Shadrach (pictured below of course)!

I have one more thing to add…I could go on and on about this trip, but I probably should wrap this post up as most of you probably just want to get to the photos!  Sherry wasn’t too keen about getting in front of the camera for some photos, but after a little bit of coaxing and getting to know each other better, I was able to get her in a few photos.  After losing Rebel at the end of last year, I know I am thankful to have created some images of her with the love of her life.

This post is dedicated to: Jericho’s Morning Brigadier, “Rebel”  1998-2015

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Equine New Mexico Trip 1a

Equine New Mexico Trip 3

Equine New Mexico Trip 4

Equine New Mexico Trip 5

Equine New Mexico Trip 6

Equine New Mexico Trip 7a

Equine New Mexico Trip 8a

Equine New Mexico Trip 9

Equine New Mexico Trip 10

Equine New Mexico Trip 30

Equine New Mexico Trip 29

Equine New Mexico Trip 27

Equine New Mexico Trip 26

Equine New Mexico Trip 11

Equine New Mexico Trip 12

The next 5 images below are of Rebel- to whom the post is dedicated to.

Equine New Mexico Trip 13

Equine New Mexico Trip 14

Equine New Mexico Trip 16

Sherry's Farm-70

Equine New Mexico Trip 17

Equine New Mexico Trip 20

Equine New Mexico Trip 21

Equine New Mexico Trip 19

Equine New Mexico Trip 22

Equine New Mexico Trip 23

Equine New Mexico Trip 24

Equine New Mexico Trip 32

Equine New Mexico Trip 33

Equine New Mexico Trip 34

Wesley’s first ride on Shadrach <3  Excitement all around!!!!

Equine New Mexico Trip 25

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