Engagement: Joni + Patrick

Joni happened to run across my work via a friend and contacted me about taking engagement and wedding photos for her and Patrick. We had originally thought we were going to meet at a venue nearby but due to weather issues we rescheduled and ended up meeting up out at the farm where they plan on tying the knot (isn’t it gorgeous?!)!

In my 10+ years of taking photos, I’ve never been late and I’ve never gotten lost. Well, I can now officially say (embarrassingly so) that I was late and lost to Joni and Patrick’s session! I had taken the address information from their wedding contract and put it on my calendar. I guess in doing so, the city and street combination was not recognized by the map. I had an idea of the location I needed to head to so during my drive I felt like I was going to the right spot. After pulling up to the location I recognized right away that I couldn’t have been at the right spot. I kind of start panicking at this point because where am the heck am I in comparison to where I was supposed to show up?! Cell phone coverage was spotty for both of us, but we finally were able to figure out how best for me to get to their location- which was only another 20 minutes from where I was. Thankfully Joni and Patrick were kind about my mishap, but I was immediately thankful this location issue happened for their engagement photos and not on their wedding day!

Our session turned out to be perfect– I ended up with plenty of time to take their photos. The farm was gorgeous and it provided a perfect backdrop to capture the chemistry Joni and Patrick share. I can’t wait for their September wedding!

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