Allison’s Lakeside Baptist Bridal Portrait Session

On January 5, 2019, I kicked off the year photographing Allison & Eric’s wedding.  Now that is behind us, I can finally share the beautiful bridal portraits we did of Allison at her family’s church in Rocky Mount, NC.  This location was very special to her as it is the same church where her parents were married.  I am so glad we were able to take her portraits here.

For those of you living in NC, then you won’t be surprised when I say that they were calling for rain on the day we had scheduled her bridals.  I was a little bit worried because I wanted to make sure we weren’t only limited to indoor portraits.  Most churches don’t have a plethora of natural light, but Lakeside Baptist was different. It had a an absolutely stunning large window in the back of the sanctuary and I knew as soon as we walked inside that we would be able to create some beautiful portraits for her.  I have a huge obsession with moody lighting and when we turned off all of the lights in the sanctuary, I was in heaven.

Thankfully it never ended up raining, so we also were able use the labyrinth and memorial wall located outside of the church.  It was very important to Allison to get an image of her next to her grandmother’s wall plate.  Corrine (grandmother) was an incredibly special woman to Allison and her entire family.  I can only imagine she was smiling down on Allison as she sat there.

So, enough of me “talking,” enjoy this pretty girl’s portraits and stayed tuned for their wedding photos!

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