Adam, Bailey & Life with Brynn

Since I recently posted about my Iowa trip, I thought I would follow up with the session I was able to do for my cousins- Adam & Bailey! When I was planning my trip I knew Bailey was due with their little girl right around the time I would be in town. Thankfully Brynn made her appearance 4 days prior to my arrival {I knew she wanted to meet me- haha} and I was able to not only get to meet this little cutie pie, but capture some photos of them together as a new family.

As always, it’s truly a crazy, magical time when you arrive home with a tiny new human. Lots of “am I doing this right,” “is this what you are supposed to do,” type questioning, but boy is it fun snuggling and loving on these precious little things! Adam and Bailey looked like a professional mom and dad by the time I arrived and I it was a treat to capture some family moments for them! Love you guys!

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