A Backyard Session with The Wilson Family

It is funny how slowly time passes at times and then in retrospect how quickly it flies by!  I’ve been photographing the Wilson Family for 8 years now.  Mama Katie and I actually go all the way back to our college days, which was (cough, cough) over 10 years ago.

In thinking about all of the sessions I have done with this family it is fun to see how they have evolved over the years.  With the arrival of their first child, Worth, we would spent our full session time together.  #2 Mac arrived and we spent a little less time together but still focused on getting everything and more than we needed.  Then #3 Woodley arrived and Katie tells me to just what I can get, she only needs 1 or 2!  So funny how kids change our expectations!  Needless to say we always end up capturing some great memories and moments for this adorable family.

I have noticed (and taken mental note to remind myself during my own family’s photo session), the less focused you are on making sure your photos are perfect, that your children are well behaved, etc, the easier the session goes!  It’s the fly by the seat of your pants idea that I think helps us all at times!

So, here are some of my favorites of this sweet family.  The are certainly blessed with 3 wonderful children and I love how they all have such amazing little personalities.  Here is to many more years of capturing this fun bunch!

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